One Weird Trick That Eliminates Ticks and Mosquitos In Your Yard in 24 Hours?


Are you still struggling to enjoy your backyard again without the fear of being bitten by ticks or mosquitoes and the deadly illnesses they carry?


Did you know that experts say that roughly 70% of people who develop Lyme disease catch it from ticks in their own yard?

Have you ever invested in quick fix solutions such as over the counter pesticides you spray on your clothing with little success, and this has resulted in worrying about the damage these chemicals are doing to you as well as your family and pets? (Not to Mention Your Clothes!) You also may have tried to conduct DIY tick checks, which just resulted in a huge hassle as you lack the proper tools and know-how to complete the job properly and worry you might have missed one. As a last resort, you may have also tried do-it-yourself lawn sprays which just ended up in not being sure if they're actually working.  And let’s not even start on the damage these sprays were inflicting on your garden and flowers.

I understand your struggle because I’ve been in that exact place myself. I know it all too well and can 100% relate. With so many solutions out there, how do you know which one to follow?


Trust Me, I Was Just as Overwhelmed and Frustrated as You Are Now.

Before I ever achieved even a tiny taste of success with tick control, I made a ton of mistakes. So many times I was ready to give up.

When I first started to look for a solution to spending time in my own backyard again without the fear of tick or mosquito bites, I didn't have the proper knowledge of how ticks got into my yard in the first place. (HINT: As we will see later in this post, deer are not the main culprit!) I didn't know how to properly (and safely!) execute the solution due to little training on tick control or the various treatments, and I was afraid I would make the issue in my and my client’s yards even worse if I attempted to fix it without the right tools or knowledge.

None of these solutions worked out for me and I was ready to quit.

Relentlessly determined, I didn’t give up. Finally, one day I stumbled on a reliable and safe tick & mosquito treatment for our local area that didn't harm plants, pets or loved ones.

As soon as I discovered this, everything instantly got easier and I started using this treatment, made with organic oil that kills these deadly pests in 6 different ways. With this amount of success, I knew I couldn't keep it all to myself.

My goal is to share exactly what I discovered so that I can help you achieve the same results.


Search No More For The Ultimate Solution To Enjoy Your Backyard Again Without Fear of Tick or Mosquito Bites

Have you ever heard of Cedar Oil? It’s one of the main ingredients in our Total Turf Organic Tick Eliminator Formula. It actually kills these dangerous pests in 6 different ways. The top three are:

1.    By destroying the pH balance in their bodies, making them less acidic and more alkaline. (Which is a healthy pH balance for us humans, but deadly for ticks and mosquitoes,)

2.    Cedar oil breaks up the fats in their bodies. Insects need fat to survive. Cedar oil breaks down their fat globules into smaller pieces -which eventually kills them.

3.    Most importantly, it blocks their pheromone receptors. Bugs are scent driven and rely on pheromones for normal bodily functions like breathing, metabolism, movement and reproduction. Cedar blocks their ability to receive these critical scents or pheromones, so they perish.

Cedar oil is so safe and effective, it’s OMRI listed. (The Organic Materials Review Institute, a national nonprofit that determines which products are allowed in organic processing and production operations that are certified organic under the USDA National Organic Program.)

There is no doubt that it will help you to relax in your backyard again without fear of ticks or mosquitoes and their debilitating diseases in the next 24 hours just like I was able to do.

I was very shocked because it seemed too easy at first, but I was actually able to eliminate ticks and mosquitos in my yard in 24 hours!

Look, if I can do it, you can do it. Because of all the testing I’ve done, I’m able to send ticks and mosquitoes packing in 24 hours, I can also provide reliable help to my clients that they can count on, and I’m very lucky in that I can be available for emergencies and special events like backyard gatherings, weddings and graduation celebrations.

I am certain you will want these same results.

So here’s why I designed the Total Turf Organic Tick Eliminator Formula to be so beneficial:

·       100% Organic Ingredients. This is good for you because you won't have to worry about your family or beloved pets being exposed to harsh chemicals.

·       Water based and plant safe. This is important because you can rest easy, knowing your garden and foliage won't be harmed.

·       May be used as a repellant on clothing and even lightly sprayed on exposed skin. This is big because you can feel safe, knowing your loved ones are out of harm's way.

·       It dissolves pests’ eggs, larvae, and pupae. This is a good thing because you can feel confident that no new ticks will hatch a week after treatment.

·       Kills ticks and mosquitoes in 4 to 24 hours. This is great because you can start enjoying your backyard again almost immediately. This is especially helpful if you're hosting an outdoor party or gathering.

Without these elements, you’ll be destined to continue down an ongoing path of trial and error. Trust me, I know because I was there!

But it doesn’t have to be that way...


See the beauty of this is that all the hard work is done for you and it’s all inside of Total Turf Organic Tick Eliminator Formula.

Look... the mistakes have all been made and now you can easily skip over the grueling test period, and wondering whether you’ll ever feel safe again in your yard. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call 914-666-1234 and tell Gina you want the Tick and Mosquito Eliminator Formula, She’ll know what you’re talking about


Finally, You Can Stop Spinning Your Wheels...

With the Total Turf Organic Tick Eliminator Formula you’ve got everything you need to feel at home in your yard again.

I mean… You could always invest a ton of money and Install a deer fence around the yard, but you’d have to spend at least $5000.00. And deer are not usually the main carriers of ticks. In Westchester and Fairfield Counties it’s actually white-footed mice that bring most of the ticks into your yard. (And not only are there a lot more of them than there are deer, but they can easily skirt around or under an expensive fence). You’ve wasted enough time already on the other solutions and it’s time to get it right once and for all.


Bad News: This Won’t Last Forever

Unfortunately, this offer can’t stay open for very long. We Will Only Be Able to Take on 29 New Clients. Once I close down the offer it won't be released again at this price. I'm doing this because we only have a limited number of time slots available for appointment-based treatments.

Again, if I was able to eliminate ticks and mosquitos in my own yard as well as my client's in 24 hours, then we can clear them out if yours too with Total Turf Organic Tick Eliminator.

I'm stoked for you to jump in and get started. Even more so, I can't wait for you to see the results that are waiting for you in as little as 24 hours.

So what do you say? Will you take me up on my offer? To schedule an appointment, just give us a call at 914-666-1234. Ask for Gina and tell her you want the Tick and Mosquito Eliminator Formula, she'll know what you are talking about.


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