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Contemporary Garden Design ◦ Lawn & Landscape Maintenance ◦ Masonry & Stone Work ◦ Paver Patio Designs ◦ Irrigation Installation ◦ Landscape Lighting ◦ Tree & Stump Removal

Front Yard, Back Yard, Flower Garden Design & Installation:

Redesigning your garden can add considerable value and enjoyment to your home! If a garden design and the installation of plantings are part of your overall landscape plan, Total Turf’s team will create a  custom design that will make your home more beautiful and significantly increase your property’s value.

From traditional flower gardens, pathways, and shrubbery perimeters to fun-filled organic vegetable gardens, we can transform your space into beautiful works of art. Decorative elements such as patios, walls and barbecues can also be added by Total Turf’s highly skilled masons and stone workers, creating a wonderful balance of plants, water and light.

Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Service:

Total Turf provides lawn maintenance on a scheduled basis, including mowing, trimming, pruning, weeding, fertilizing and mulching your garden plants and flowers. 

Masonry, Stonework & Pavers:

Total Turf creates stone work that will visually enhance your property, increase the value of your home and provide an unmatched outdoor experience for you and your family. Virtually maintenance free, our stone products are built to last and are created by a talented team of masons who work hard to incorporate  distinguishing touches. Total Turf also collaborates with several area architects known for their distinctive and elegant work.

Total Turf has created a myriad of stone and brick masonry projects over the years, including brick and stone veneers, columns, driveways, outdoor grills and outdoor fireplaces, patios, sidewalks, steps, and stone flooring.


Does your grass look brown each summer? Are you struggling to grow plants and other flowers? If so, it’s time to install an irrigation/sprinkler system. At Total Turf, we pride ourselves on designing, installing and maintaining landscape irrigation systems that provide complete coverage over an entire landscaped area.

Customers who have benefited from our expertise in irrigation installation and management include homeowners, corporate clients and a number of championship golf courses.

To obtain a high-quality landscaped garden, correct construction and irrigation practices must be completed, including proper watering systems that are essential to strong plantings. At Total Turf, we use only the highest-quality products from RainBird, a leading manufacturer and provider of irrigation products and services.

Water-saving nozzles and sprays with pressure-regulating stems are just some of the parts we install, in addition to adding features like isolation valves and extra wires to properly maintain an irrigation system.

With water conservation a top priority for many communities throughout the United States, Total Turf is committed to installing efficient irrigation systems that will run when weather conditions dictate and also contribute to the health and value of the land.

Landscape Lighting

What’s a redesign of your garden without the landscape lighting to enhance it? Total Turf provides the appropriate lighting options to increase the nighttime curb appeal and an increased level of safety to your home. We provide low voltage landscape lighting installation and design by utilizing high quality fixtures and transformers, including solar landscape lights and LED lighting.

Whether it’s lighting for a deck, a driveway, an entryway, or the enhancement of key landscaping features such as trees, rocks, gardens, or pools, Total Turf works with its customers to first clarify the reasons behind their lighting choices, be it safety or aesthetics-related. We pride ourselves on installing lighting systems that give each and every homeowner years of satisfaction and the guarantee that their landscape lighting will be maintained by us for years to come.

Tree Removal, Trimming & Stump Grinding

Total Turf provides its clients with safe and professional arborist services, including tree take downs, even in hard-to-reach areas such as backyards and gated areas. 

Our licensed professionals can also trim and shape all types of trees, including young trees, which allows for stronger, healthier growth. Maintaining the health of a tree is important to us. That’s why Total Turf is also available to provide pesticide injections for fruit trees and fungicides for other trees to help fight mold and fungus.