Landscaping Services in Westchester County, NY, and Fairfield County, CT

If you are a homeowner in Westchester County, NY, or Fairfield County, CT, looking to transform your outdoor space into a stunning oasis, look no further than the many landscaping services we offer at Total Turf Inc. Our friendly and experienced team members understand that a beautiful lawn and garden can significantly enhance your property’s curb appeal and value, which is why we offer a wide range of landscaping maintenance services to help meet all your needs. With our expertise, we wish to be your trusted partner for your landscaping.

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Landscaping Design From Total Turf Inc.

At Total Turf Inc., we take pride in our ability to bring your landscaping visions to life. Our team of professionals is dedicated to creating outdoor spaces in Westchester, NY, and Fairfield County, CT, that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and sustainable. Some of the numerous landscaping design services we offer include:

Designing Lawns and Gardens

Our experts can help you design a lawn or garden tailored to your preferences and the unique characteristics of your property. Whether you dream of a lush, green lawn or a vibrant, blooming garden, we have you covered!

Irrigation Systems

To ensure your lawn and garden stay healthy and well-maintained, we offer irrigation system design and installation services. Our systems are incredibly efficient, helping to conserve water while keeping your landscape thriving.

Masonry Services

Elevating your outdoor space is a possibility with our masonry services. Our team can create stunning patios, pathways, retaining walls, and other hardscape features using high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

Lighting Design

Extend the enjoyment of your outdoor space into the evening with our professional lighting design services. Our experts can install lighting fixtures strategically to help accentuate your landscape’s beauty and enhance safety.

Artificial Grass

For a low-maintenance and evergreen lawn solution, consider our artificial grass installation service! It is a practical choice that stays green year-round without the need for constant mowing or watering.

Professional Landscaping Maintenance Services

Keeping your landscape in top condition requires regular maintenance. Fortunately, at Total Turf Inc., we offer comprehensive landscaping maintenance services to help ensure your outdoor space remains a source of pride all year round. Our maintenance services in Westchester County and Fairfield County include:

Lawn Maintenance

Our lawn maintenance services include mowing, edging, fertilizing, and weed control. We do our best to help keep your grass looking lush and healthy throughout the seasons.

Garden Maintenance

Our skilled team will care for your garden, including planting, pruning, and mulching, to assist in ensuring it thrives and flourishes.

Tree Maintenance and Removal

Tree care is essential for the overall health of your landscape. We can trim, prune, and remove trees as needed to help maintain the safety and aesthetics of your outdoor areas.

Irrigation Services

To keep your irrigation system in top shape, we offer maintenance and repair services. This ensures efficient water distribution and helps minimize water waste.

Benefits of Professional Landscapers & Landscaping Services

Choosing Total Turf Inc. for landscaping needs offers a multitude of benefits for homeowners in Westchester County, NY, and Fairfield County, CT. While there are many landscaping companies in the area, our professional touch can help transform your outdoor space into a work of art, significantly helping to enhance your property’s overall appeal. With our regular maintenance services, you can enjoy a consistently beautiful landscape throughout the year, regardless of the changing seasons. By entrusting your landscaping needs to us at Total Turf Inc., you can have more free time to enjoy with family and friends, pursue hobbies, or simply relax.

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