Organic Tick Suppression Westchester County, NY & Fairfield, CT

Total Turf can spray your yard with organic cedar oil to suppress ticks and mosquitos keeping your family and pets safe. Organic cedar oil is plant and animal safe so there is no need to worry about your garden or loved ones. We recommend a series of spraying as ticks can be brought into sprayed areas by mice, deer and other wild animals anytime after initial spraying.

Organic cedar oil kills ticks and mosquitoes in 4 to 24 hours so you can start enjoying your backyard again almost immediately. This is especially helpful if you’re hosting an outdoor party or gathering.

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Organic cedar oil works in the following ways to suppress ticks:

  • The oil destroys the pH balance in their bodies, making them less acidic and more alkaline. (Which is a healthy pH balance for us humans, but deadly for ticks and mosquitoes)
  • Cedar oil also blocks a tick’s pheromone receptors. Bugs are scent driven and rely on pheromones for normal bodily functions like breathing, metabolism, movement and reproduction. Cedar blocks their ability to receive these critical scents or pheromones, so they perish.
  • Cedar oil is so safe and effective, it’s OMRI listed. (The Organic Materials Review Institute, a national nonprofit that determines which products are allowed in organic processing and production operations that are certified organic under the USDA National Organic Program.)

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