Westchester Irrigation Installation

Does your grass look brown each summer? Are you struggling to grow plants and other flowers? If so, it’s time to install an irrigation/sprinkler system. At Total Turf, we pride ourselves on designing, installing and maintaining landscape irrigation systems that provide complete coverage over an entire landscaped area.

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Customers who have benefited from our expertise in irrigation installation and management include homeowners, corporate clients and a number of championship golf courses.To obtain a high-quality landscaped garden, correct construction and irrigation practices must be employed, including proper water delivery systems that are essential to strong plantings.With water conservation a top priority for many communities throughout the United States, Total Turf is committed to installing efficient irrigation systems that will run when weather conditions dictate and also contribute to the health and value of the land.

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We install :

  • Rainbird products
  • Water-saving nozzles
  • Isolation valves
  • Drip Systems

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