Westchester County, NY & Fairfield, CT Plant & Tree Health Care

Total Turf’s plant health care solutions were created by caring for some of the most beautiful golf courses and estates in Westchester and Fairfield Counties. Our experience with a wide variety of plants and trees in varied environments has given us a deep understanding of how to get ahead of any problems that could arise within your garden. We are also experts when plants react to new problems that may have come up due to a change in conditions.

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Our Services include:

Plant health care includes:

  • Inspection of trees & shrubs for insect & disease by our trained technicians
  • Immediate treatment of problems observed to address them in their  infancy of development. Each program is specifically tailored to meet the needs of every individual property and your plant material.
  • Supplemental nutrients to maintain your plant’s beauty
  • Testing soil for proper pH and adjusting as necessary
  • Getting ahead of possible insect and disease problems
  • Preparing for drought conditions with watering plans and necessary irrigation

Additional plant health care options include:

  • Tissue sampling
  • Treatment for insect and disease infestation
  • Alleviating wet conditions with proper drainage
  • Expanding mulch areas when beneficial
  • Fertilization: We utilize the deep root sub-soil root injection method, proven superior to topical granular application because it delivers necessary nutrient directly into the root zones of your trees and shrubs to maintain plant health and appearance. This application should be performed annually

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